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[10 May 2006|10:10pm]
[ mood | t red. ]

My mom cut my hair today.

I like it.

My dad gave me thirty bucks

So I'd go to an ice show for him.

Now I can buy another shirt.

I got fifty for passing out flyers.

Another shirt.

Thirty for working with Katy.

But that's going in my pocket.


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PLEASSSSSE [04 May 2006|07:11pm]
[ mood | black NIGGA! ]

I think I'm getting healthy

I didn't wake up at all last night.

I almost slept with my nose.

That's good.

I have to stay after school again.

But we're almost done with our

dumb things so It shouldn't

be too long.

I'm allergic to something.

Everyday I come home and my face turns red

And bumpy

So I take benadryls and it goes away

It works

Then I fall asleep on the couch

And Don't do anything.



Weekend. [28 Apr 2006|10:16pm]
[ mood | pretty good ]

So today, I went to the "Funue Formal"

I went with Nhi.

The day she gets ungrounded.

She hangs out with a boy.

A very hot one at that.

That was pretty fun.

The only good stuff was the fruit though.

The other crap tasted weird.

It was fun though.

I got to make fun of mo nicca.

Moler rapped for me.

I think that made my year.

It made paying five dollars worth it.


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WOW [25 Apr 2006|09:08pm]
[ mood | happpy ]

I didn't slit my wrists if anyones wondering.

nothing's the matter anymore.

It's fine.

But you can keep commenting.

do my myspace too.

nothing cheers me up more.

Than seeing

"New Comments!"

<td align="left" bgcolor="ffffff" valign="top" width="1">

yea, me.


stupid. [24 Apr 2006|10:14pm]
[ mood | better ]

I guess Im just stupid.

not thinking.

I feel like a girl.

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God [24 Apr 2006|04:45pm]
I guess it's fine.

I don't know.

egh. [23 Apr 2006|10:42pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I screwed it up.

I had something good.

But I didn't know what to do.

And it slowly spiraled.

now I have nothing.

It sucks.

I hate it.

I cracked my head open.

That's even better.

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i hate it. [22 Apr 2006|09:29pm]
[ mood | 8 \ ]

I've had a bad end of the week.

Not very good end to break.

I thought I knew someone.

Guess not.

Today was good though

I got my shirt I wanted.

But It could of been better.

But nothing works out how I want

So Whatever.

Call if you want to do something tomorrow.


[17 Apr 2006|06:43pm]
its catie

because jordan doesnt do livejournal anymore.

because he likes myspace better.


that was all.

except that we did a 100 question survey together and we couldnt even post it.

what a waste.


STILLETOS PUMP IN THE GHETTO! [14 Mar 2006|07:18pm]
[ mood | NIGGA! ]

So I'm talking to daniio

and catie.

And LIstening to some black music

With conner.

It's pretty fun.

I didn't take a shower today.

I ordered that new Pizza Hut Pizza.

It's prettty good.

I'm not doing anything tomorrow.

The bottom of my foot hurts.

My dog bit my nose today.

I made fun of my sisters friend.

I put a video of my sister on my myspace.


Check it out.

My brother just told me

Someoones having a 48 hour


I haven't worn anything but underwear

and Sweat pants today.

I need new underwear.

i want these Calvin klein ones.

I need my mom's credit card.

I'm done.


3 Fucked Me!

[12 Mar 2006|04:55pm]
[ mood | Do you Bowl this Weekend? ]

So I haven't done this in awhile

It's because I talk to Danielle.

It's almost Winter Break.

That's good.

I am going to Florida.

I don't have much homework today.

I am going to the mall With Catie

And Alicia today.

And some kid who's driving.

Then i'm coming home.

and You can Call me.

If you want.

Sounds Great.


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[30 Dec 2005|07:40pm]
[ mood | GRREAT! ]

Me And Conner Renamed Paris.

Her New Name is


Walking E. Coli.



[22 Dec 2005|02:59pm]


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[16 Dec 2005|04:47pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Yea So once I run today it will be 6 months.


Today Lance told me I was anorexic.

So it's like 9 days until Christmas.

I'm pretty pysched. I'm getting some sweet stuff.

I'm still waiting for half of it to ship.

I'm waiting for a gift for someone else to come.

It's crazy.

I think I'm getting Cry_Wolf

It's probably like 10 bucks at WalMart

On Tuesday becuase they're always cheap.

and The Dear Whoever CD

pretty sweet.



Shoes [30 Nov 2005|04:33pm]
[ mood | ehhhh ]

So Yea

I ordered them



3 Fucked Me!

[28 Nov 2005|05:15pm]
[ mood | Uhhh ]

I was going to get new shoes yesterday.


Those ones.

But no stores had them.

So I have to order them online.

Do you like them?

I get some clothes too

From the Kids store.

They're pretty sweet too.

I got sad news today.

It made me pretty sad.


Maybe It will change.

That'd be good.

I hate school.


Buy me a gift.




[13 Nov 2005|07:07pm]
[ mood | weird ]

So Today I did some run in Roseville

It was pretty sweet

I got a tshirt


and a Hat!

It was pretty rad.

I didn't win the raffle though.

Then I went to meijer.

And conner forgot to get his slurpee.

So my mom took us to that steak place

By lakeside you know

So I said wanna buy me clothes.

And of course she said no.

But she said I could try on clothes

From Abercrombie. Like the kids store.

Because Abercrombie and Fitch is too big.

So i was like ok.

So The XL and Large shirts don't fit.

The Mediums are kind of loose.

But my mom won't let me go smaller.

So then she throws me a pair of pants.

And Oh Yea They Fit.

So I get to wear kid clothes.

Pretty Sweet.



Holey Moley! [19 Oct 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | horny and happy ]

I haven't done this in quite a while.

I have done something everyday of this week so far!

Tomorrow I have to make a mole for extra credit.

I'm Making It a Holey Mole.

So it will have a halo

Like jesus.

I Think Steinhauser will Trick-Or-Treat with me

I need more people though.

She's being Abe Lincoln.

I thought that was pretty great.

I don't know yet.

I know You should come with us.

You're only 15.

You can Still go out


I need fake advice column questions by friday.

Help Me Out

And call me if you want to help with that mole

Because I need to hang out with someone anyway.


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Totally Dude [27 Sep 2005|07:21pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yea, So Wal*Mart has the sweetest wife beaters.

I got my mp3 player to work so that's sweet.

I found a sweet new band.


They're pretty sweet.

I want to go to the movies this weekend.

I'll go wtih you if you want.

Today someone told me I had pretty hair.

Another girl told me I'm pretty cute 8D

She was hot. But my sister said she's diseased.

I had a meet today. I ran my best time.

Like 23.20 or something.

I'm happy with it.

Conner's friend got suspended.

She tried pulling some kids pants down

So he pulled hers down.

And she was wearing a G-String.

I thought that was sweet.


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WOW [20 Sep 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | ehhh..... ]

Been Awhile folks.

School's been pretty rad.

I think I'm going to Mott's homecoming

I'm not sure though.

If I don't know Thursday for sure

I probably won't

I'd rather go to the movies or something

I'm not a big school event person

I think I'm going to the game Friday.

If anyway wants to go with me.

Tell me.




Tell me that too

Because I want to Trick or treat

A lot

I think I'm going to be Jesus

It seems easy enough.

I need people to come with me though

I'm not going alone.


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